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Innova Crysta for rent in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Book Toyota Innova Crysta from Vayuputhra Cabs, Most reliable name for renting taxi service in Chennai. Our fleets comes with reilability, Service and Maintainence check, Transparent Billing, Competant Pricing.

Attracting tourists and business people from globe, Innova Crysta Car rentals and supported by Vayuputhra Cabs Chennai for

Local usage: Getting to main place inside travel with top premium Innova rental services in Chennai tariff starts from Rs 3500 for 10 hours and 100 kms usage

Outstation : Tirupathi or Garden City Bangalore or palce city Mysur touring in Innova taxi makes best in Chennai

Airport transfers : Last minute or pre booked Innova airport transfers are best when needing premium services

Toyota Innova Crysta rentals

Innova Rental Charges for Innova in Chennai | Per Km Innova rental Chennai | Fare Chart

  Local Outstation Airport Tansfers
Toyota Innova AC Rs 3500 [10hrs/100kms] Rs 5100
Rs 18 perkm
Rs 1600 upto 40kms
Toyota Innova Crysta AC Rs 4500 [10hrs/100kms] Rs 5600
Rs 20 perkm
Rs 2400 upto 40kms

Terms and Conditions applicable

Instructions and final quote will be shared by our representative on Watsap
Toyota Innova also has equivalents like Mahindra XYLO or Morazzo or Ertiga or Lodgy, Equivalent served in case of non availability of Innova cabs.

Cancellation policy of 100 percent refund applicable for cancelling prior to 48 hours only

Toll, Parking, Night BATA or Intertate tax will be at actuals and payable against bill when needed.

AC and NON AC charges remains same in case of Innova rental services.

How to Book Innova Vehicles in Chennai

Call | Message or Watsap to 9900747576

Best Toyota Innova Rentas in Chennai City

Book cabs online with paytm app payment watsap your enquiry or booking details Innova for rent in Chennai

Innova for Employees transportation

We make employee transportaion so simple, we serve as standby for some reputed comapnies. Also as main source of transportation like infosys, Seiren, Wipro technologies and many mnc transportation is provided with vayuputhra cabs. Detailed transparent bill with login and logout managed punctual systems. We do have standby cabs ready when regular usage cabs breaksdown. So perfect employee transportaion with high care.

Innova for Special occasion - Wedding or any Event

Suppose there is a party or an event going on, We arrange the transportation in least price. We have arranged for over 5000 guest for wedding transportation. After party nights transportaion to companies. Vayuputhra cabs Chennai region +91 9900747576

Gallery Section for Innova rentals in Chennai

Chennai region Innova rentals

Toyota Innova hired out of station

Innova Rentals for oneway in chennai

Innova tirupathi package

Local use Innova rentals

Toyota Innova hired for local

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Toyota Innova cabs

Toyota Innova Rent in Chennai Airport

Pre Book the 7 or 8 seater by calling our Helpline nos. Innova for Local or Airport transfers based on Madra International Airport

Toyota Innova Rental Chennai oneway taxi

Vayuputhra Cabs network in Innova or SUV categary Cabs is at good reach. Book Innova cabs for onweay drops like Bangalore around 400kms | Mysuru around 520kms | Tirupathi around 200kms

Innova per km rates for oneway will differ from regualar pricing based on availability and routes. Call our Helpline nos for assistance on the same.

3 Reasons to Hire Innova Crysta latest model over Innova (old model)

This topic answers most of the questions why Innova crysta is Expensive than Innova old model.

Innova and Crysta hire Chennai

  1. Globalisation and Usage : Toyota is premium segment cabs used by upper class people for business or holiday travel. Money has lost its value over time and comfort

  2. Comfort: Innova crysta is top most comfort than any categary of this kind for AC, suspension or city roam

  3. Breakdown Scenarios: Innova crysta with driver chances of stoppage in middle is very less due to high maintainence cost and experienced travel operations

Conclusion:- When it comes to Innova or Innova crysta. Customer can opt for Innova rental if you are looking around budget but little compremise with comfort.

If you add a little penny. Innova crysta can be hired at dam competitive price – Vayuputhra cabs Chennai  - Outstation and Airport transfer experts

Chennai - Lets explore the greatness of the city in SUV categary cabs

FAQ' S - Innova for Rental in Chennai | Hire Innova in Chennai

BATA -Boarding & Travelling Allowance is the Acronym?

This is the fee to the driver for his Expenses during the trip. Rs 600 is paid as driver bata for Cab usage the day.
During your hire if the cab usage happened in night from 10pm to 6am additional Rs 400 to be paid to driver directly - If no usage NO PAY

What is RentInnovacrysta ?

It is a website owned by Vayuputhra Cabs in Chennai operating since 2012. We are Innova Hiring experts in Chennai. we work in a complete professional way to bring smiles in every way. we own cabs and operate them by hiring experienced drivers who knows each and every tourist spots very well. Adding to Chauffers are well behaved and Hindi/English/local languages spoken with minimum of 6 years of driving experirence.

Do you also provide self driven innova for rent in chennai?

No, Innova is very costly car, also needs very much experience in driving this big cab. Defenitely we do not give Innova cars for self drive. Instead same price you will get the cab with chauffer. Just imagine night 10pm you tell driver to move to Goa. Morning you are there, that too with enough sleep. what else need to tour places.

Is it feasible for 8 members to rent innova car chennai for outstation?

No, Innova is either 6+1 or 7+1 for Long journeys maximum 7 members can accomodate in Innova car. Its quite big to hold 2 families. If your luggage is excess. Innova is a premium car with oil based suspension. Overloading not allowed. If you get into such situations, Vayuputhra cabs holds to cancel your booking at that point of time with no refund.

How does company calculate the Innova car rental per km in chennai?

In Chennai or in all regions of India. Price per Km is fixed. Difference is the type of service. Punctuality, Hygiene in Cab. Depending on seasonal or festival season bookings.

For how longer can I rent Innova for outstation from chennai?

As far as your trip ends. Call up the office or concern person for any Cab Extensions or shortening of your trip well in advance. Penalty charges applicable for non informed extensions. Its advisable to keep in mind that 300kms travel is possible with sightseeing.

Can I get Innova car hire for company usage in chennai?

We offer Innova cabs on daily, monthly and annual basis. Please take tailored quotation for your specific usage. For annum and monthly usage agreement contract is compulsary. We do provide cabs for Employees transportaion and Event duties.

hire innova or Rent Innova - Whats the difference?

Hire Innova Chennai and Rent Innova are equivalent words, some use hire and most of them use Rent - Difference is you Rent an Innova car, Hire a Driver. Hire is with respect to person, whereas Rent is with respect to things or machines

How competant is pricing for Innova outstation rates in chennai?

Over 10,000/- vehicles with over 350 travel agents work in Chennai for Innova booking. Defienitely competant price guaranteed. Awesomeness is we own all cabs, Instead of paying commisions to any travel people. We give the same discounts to out customers itself. So getting double happiness with Vayuputhra cabs is guarantee.

What are other alternative 7 seater cabs in chennai?

Tata sumo, Toyota Qualis, Renault lodgy, Ertiga, Mahindra Xylo, Mahindra XUV500, Chevrolet Tavera - These are the other alternate cabs for Innova for renting option.

What will be my Bill for the Innova usage in mysuru?

Either call our customer care with detailed Quote and Booking Process or Refer our Updated tariff card

What if the Rented vehicle say Innova crysta breaksdown in my journey?

Vayuputhra cabs are Latest model cabs. so 99.99% chances of breakdwon is very less. Still if you face with a flatten tyre during travel. Driver will fix it. If things are beyond control. We will arrange for alternate equivalent cab. This is situation depend task. so leave it to crews of vayuputhra cabs

Do I have to pay for the Cleaning charges of the car say Innova crysta?

All charges are inclusive in the fare. If there is a situation like an adult puked or a baby peeed in the car and Interior is to be vaccum cleaned then cleaning charges are applicable. If a customer is consuming food and there is a damage like spilling of cool drinks to Interiors then too cleaning charges applicable.

What should I do if the behaviour of the Driver is rash and driving very fast i.e above speed limit in an uncontrollable manner?

We at Vayuputhra cabs ensure that the Driver hired undergoes a background family verification with his photocopy documents will be in our office. Immedietely report to office whom you contacted for the booking. Wait for assigned booking person to respond.

What Extra facilities do I get when I book Innova with Vayuputhra cabs?

We try to bring smiles in every miles.
- AC Innova crysta is our highlights
- Sony Bluetooth with touch enabled Music system. You may bring your pendrive for playlist. Use the AUX wire to play music from your mobile.

- Well route known driver acts as guide in your tour

I am interested to Drive Innova crysta. Will the driver provide me an oppurtunity for some while?

This is bad thought in Mind. Our driver is vast experienced. Yellow board driver with Badge. Innova or any Vehicle will not be given for Self drive. Let the passenger be an expert in driving or born with steering in his hands. We do not entertain. Instead let the driver do his job meanwhile you enjoy the trip.

What if my luggage is more or more members than booked in car?

Clearly speaking
Innova car rental is less than 7 members for outstation

Swift or Etios and Indica is less than 4 members for outstation

Luggage is fine untill it fits in the car. but overloading is not allowed in such case you have to go with packers and movers.

How do I make the Payment to my service taken?

Booking amount should be paid online. Estimated bill amount as discussed ouver phone should be paid in 100% advance before the journey starts through our website or details provided to you by phone. Generally paying cash to drivers is not allowed as per our terms and conditions

How effiective is booking Airport taxi with Vayuputhra cabs?

Competition flowing every corner of taxi rental business in Chennai. See our fares in the tariff page to know current updated rates for airport transfer.

Advantages of taxi service or Cabs with over self drive Innova rental?

It is a website owned by Vayuputhra Cabs in Chennai. We are Innova Hiring experts in Chennai. we work such a way that. Competators get confused How come vayuputhra cabs are taxi rental leaders in Chennai. Answer is simple though. we own all cabs and operate them by hiring experienced drivers who knows each and every tourist spots very well. adding to Chauffers are well behaved and All languages spoken with minimum of 3 years of driving experirence.

Benefits of using a Toyota Innova Taxi in chennai or Madras

Inspite of being busiest city in India, Chennai Taxi rentals takes advantage of getting into pros and cons,

1. 24/7 Service

Travelling round the clock. Hang your bags start travelling when needed.

2. Economic & Affordable

Based on members travelling, Taxi gets cheaper. Luxury is hiring Innova if you are only 2 passengers too.

3.Saves Time

Only travel time and Booking time, 2023 generation time is money. Choosing Innova rentals will save lot of prcious time.

4. Professional and experienced drivers

Ontime Innova rentals, Drivers communicates in local and preferred languages. Chauffer knows local routs very well. So driving skills with Innova maintainece is Vayuputhra Cab drivers in Chennai

5. Flexible

Just like rubbers, Innova Taxis fit every purpose like Marriage, Airport transfers, Outstation travelling. Last minute travel plan change adding speed to life.

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