Food Habbits while travelling in Innova Cab or Any

Food Habbits while travelling. Your normal food habbits and while travelling differs.
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Why should you eat healty during travelling?

See normal days you eat, your digestive system is set, for travelling the physical activity varies. Ache in stomach. Excretion problems. Puking vomiting problems. By maintaining a healthy travel diet one can achieve their goal and also avoids co-travellers arguments and mood spoils

9 Tips To Eat Healthy When Holiday Traveling

1. Eat before you leave

This might seem obvious, but most of the people I know delay packing, commuting and arrival for so long they show up at the hungry, processed industrial food surroundings. You can avoid this by simply planning time for a meal beforehand.
Make it happen, it’s worth it.

2. Pack snacks
A decent meal before you leave and a few nuts and maybe a piece of fruit in cab should get you through any destinations six hours or under. You can find most of foods on the streets.
For longer journey  I recommend salad, vegetables, Fruit salad, Cooked rice, Pulav,  boiled eggs and other protein dense food to stave off hunger until you can get a real meal at your destination. If you’d rather not pack animal foods, bean and/or grain salads with diced veggies, herbs and vinaigrette are delicious and keep well for hours without refrigeration.

In most cases eating streetside hotel food is a choice, not a necessity.

3. Stay hydrated

Cab travel air just might be the driest air in the world. Also, hunger is amplified when you’re even slightly dehydrated. Combat both these afflictions by drinking plenty of water both before and in taxi.

Stoppage and  stretching your legs at least a couple of times during the ride, which can reduce your sedentary time during the flight.

4. Nourish yourself

Immune systems function best when they are well nourished. To protect yourself from the zillions of germs you’re exposed to in environment be sure to eat a healthy supply of vegetables and fruits for the days surrounding your journey (each way). And don’t forget your multivitamin.

5. Go vegetarian for a few hours

Maybe your travel  was delayed so long you were forced to eat in the hotel. Maybe your cab travel is 10+ hours. For whatever reason, sometimes you’re forced to sell your soul and, dare I say it, eat Street road hotel  food. In these cases I recommend ordering strategically to avoid the worst: refined carbohydrates and industrial meat. Consider going vegetarian for a few hours to avoid CAFO meat. Look for options with extra vegetables—even if they taste bad, it’s not like the worse-for-you food is going to taste much better.

6. Look for south Indian darshini type restaurants

If you’re in an Highway, top rated restaurants are a great bet because you can almost always get beans, rice and some kind of vegetable. This is filling and moderately nutritious (plus salsa and guacamole are hard to mess up).

7. Look for high-end salads

Salads with some kind of protein are your second best option, but the taste will be more hit or miss with these compared to Indian spicy food. If salad is your only choice, I recommend finding the nicest spot in the entire highway to minimize your risk of getting nasty veggies and potential food poisoning.

8. Watch your portions

No matter what you choose, if you’re eating  street hotel food it isn’t going to taste good and is unlikely to be particularly healthy. Eat as little as you need to stop the hunger. Don’t expect to be full or satisfied, in fact it may be better if you aren’t
9. Don’t fear hunger

Honestly, being hungry for a few hours isn’t going to kill you. There’s even some compelling evidence that caloric restriction (even periodically) can be healthy. I’m not advocating starvation, if you’re landing at 3am in a small town with nothing open, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. But if a few hours of hunger is all you’re facing, consider embracing it as a zen practice in self-restraint and eat a decent meal when you get to your destination instead of the mystery food they offer in cheap hotels

FAQ' S - Innova for Rental in Bangalore | Hire Innova in Bangalore

What is RentInnovacrysta ?

It is a website owned by Vayuputhra Cabs in Bangalore. We are Innova Hiring experts in Bangalore. we work such a way that. Competators get confused How come vayuputhra cabs are tatxi rental leaders in Bangalore. Answer is simple though. we own all cabs and operate them by hiring experienced drivers who knows each and every tourist spots very well. adding to Chauffers are well behaved and All languages spoken with minimum of 3 years of driving experirence.

What will be the average cost to rent an Innova in Bangalore?

This is purely depend on needs and individual travel. Lets say you hired Innova crysta which is Rs 12/- per kms for 1 day and Destination is Coorg.
Distance is 250kms. total travel in Innova is 500kms. bill will be 500*12 = 6000/- Driver bata would be Rs 300/- Extra [ This is charge for driver for him to make his daily needs, travel expenses and food arrangements] You know how expensive is food and accomodation in Tourist places. If at all Vehicle is driven between 10pm to 6 am during your travel. Driver should be paid 1 Bata i.e., Rs 300/- [ This is for his stress and Night driving Risk]. We recommend all travellers to close their journey between 6am to 10pm for safety issues. Beyond fortune is your play.

What if the Rented vehicle say Innova crysta breaksdown in my journey?

Vayuputhra cabs are Latest model cabs. so 99.99% chances of breakdwon is very less. Still if you face with a flatten tyre during travel. Driver will fix it. If things are beyond control. We will arrange for alternate equivalent cab. This is situation depend task. so leave it to crews of vayuputhra cabs

Do I have to pay for the Cleaning charges of the car say Innova crysta?

All charges are inclusive in the fare. If there is a situation like an ault puked or a baby peeed in the car and Interior is to be vaccum cleaned then cleaning charges may be applicable. If a customer is consuming food and there is a damage like spilling of cool drinks to Interiors then too cleaning charges applicable.

What should I do if the behaviour of the Driver is rash and driving very fast i.e above speed limit in an uncontrollable manner?

We at Vayuputhra cabs ensure that the Driver hired undergoes a background family verification with his photocopy documents will be in our office. Immedietely report to office whom you contacted for the booking. Wait for assigned booking person to respond.

What Extra facilities do I get when I book Innova with Vayuputhra cabs?

We try to bring smiles in every miles.
- AC Innova crysta is our highlights
- Sony Bluetooth with touch enabled Music system. You may bring your pendrive for playlist. Use the AUX wire to play music from your mobile.

- Well route known driver acts as guide in your tour

I am interested to Drive Innova crysta. Will the driver provide me an oppurtunity for some while?

This is bad thought in Mind. Our driver is vast experienced. Yellow board driver with Badge. Innova or any Vehicle will not be given for Self drive. Let the passenger be an expert in driving or born with steering in his hands. We do not entertain. Instead let the driver do his job meanwhile you enjoy the trip.

What if my luggage is more or more members than booked in car?

Clearly speaking
Innova car rental is less than 7 members for outstation

Swift or Etios and Indica is less than 4 members for outstation

Luggage is fine untill it fits in the car. but overloading is not allowed in such case you have to go with packers and movers.

How do I make the Payment to my service taken?

Booking amount should be paid online. Estimated bill amount as discussed ouver phone should be paid in 100% advance before the journey starts through our website or details provided to you by phone. Generally paying cash to drivers is not allowed as per our terms and conditions

How effiective is booking Airport taxi with Vayuputhra cabs?

Competition flowing every corner of taxi rental business in Bangalore. See our fares in the tariff page to know current updated rates for airport transfer.

Advantages of taxi service or Cabs with over self drive Innova rental?

It is a website owned by Vayuputhra Cabs in Bangalore. We are Innova Hiring experts in Bangalore. we work such a way that. Competators get confused How come vayuputhra cabs are taxi rental leaders in Bangalore. Answer is simple though. we own all cabs and operate them by hiring experienced drivers who knows each and every tourist spots very well. adding to Chauffers are well behaved and All languages spoken with minimum of 3 years of driving experirence.

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Taxi Service

In general sense, a taxi can be defined as a vehicle for hire provided with a driver. It is used by a single passenger or small group of passengers, often for a non-shared ride. It is the most convenient and economic way of travelling from one place to another. No matter where you live, you will need to hire a taxi service in some point of time. Using a taxi service will ensure you that you will have a vehicle that will take you to the desired location safely and efficiently at a reasonable rate. Apart from this, there are also numerous benefits of using a taxi service for you transportation needs.

1. 24/7 Service

Taxi companies today provides their customers with 24hr service, 7 days a week. This means, no matter wherever you are and what time of day it is, a taxi service will always be there for you with its services. All you need to do is place a call to the taxi company, give us your current location and desired location; We will be at your service in just few minutes.

2. Economic & Affordable

With regard to the ease and comfort provided by the taxi, we can say that the taxi services are the most economic and affordable form of transportation. People have a misconception of having to pay high price for taxi hire, but if we compare it with the service available, we realize that what we are paying is very reasonable.

3.Saves Time

Hiring a taxi service saves a great deal of time and energy. For example, if you opt to take a public transportation, you’ll have to deal with the hassles like walking to the desired destination and waiting for the vehicle. And if you opt to drive yourself, there will be stress about finding a space in the parking area. Hiring a taxi will free you from these hassles and automatically save your time. We will send you a taxi just few minutes after you place your orderl.

4. Professional and experienced drivers

Taxi companies employ professional and well experienced drivers. These drivers are familiar with all the routes in the city and are also well familiar about the traffic patterns. Thus riding in a taxi with an experienced driver will provide you with a sense of safety, reliability and assurance. In addition, Our crews place primary focus on punctuality.

5. Flexible

Unlike public transportation, taxi services are very flexible and can be customized according to your need. It provides you with the flexibility to travel wherever you want and whenever you want. Similarly, they also do not have to make frequent stops to pick up other passengers.

These are some of the benefits provided by a taxi service. Apart from these benefits, we should also know that taxi companies today not only provide general taxi services, but also taxis for airport transportation, hotel transportation, etc.

Paying guest in Bangalore - Here is the list of top 5 things every woman or girl should keep in mind while choosing the right Paying Guest Accommodation Center.

Safety and Security With an ever increasing rate of crimes against women,especially in the metros, the first important thing to consider is safety and security. Choose a locality which has a good record in terms of security. The Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) of good localities hire security guards who keep a check on every person entering or leaving the area or building. They keep proper records of outsiders coming into the locality and are always on guard. Never live in an area not having such tight security measures.

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