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Tips : To become a successfull Cab driver in bangalore

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It is mandate to get a Driving license with Badge in bangalore to drive a taxi, with minimal knowlede one can get driving licence from 5 RTO in Bangalore location..
Education - Basic 10th standard is Enough if you wish to become a Driver. nowadays driving field has so much competation that even graduates moving towards dring a Car
stategy with planning of trips, guiding customer or traveller through right path is basic needed for cab driver.
Own a cab or Contract hire - Once you have DL and choosen driving carrier, own a cab with bank loan or contact a company like vayuputhra cabs with your residence document for leasing car or taxi
Uniform should be worn complusarily while driving. In bangalore Dress code would be White shirt with Blue pant
Mobile phone usage should be to minimal or NIl for a Driver to drive with care in the tourist place
GPS map reading from a smartphone is the basic thing driver needs to know to calculate distance and Time
Language spoken like Local Kannada and south state languages, managable english and Hindi is mandate to be a successfull driver.
Friends circle should be built to be success - Driver friends are source of best knowledge to say.
Work timings will not be there. you may work 24/7 or when you need or no boss always behind you to monitor you
Tourism advantage and disadvantage - Each and every place can be viewed only for a driver. may be for sometimes it will also be common
Life risk - Driving at night may be life risk depending on the capability of the driver
Emergency Insurence and accidents : During emergency a driver need to report to police, just an accident occured. All photographs to be taken, situation may rise anything from opponent be ready - Driver life is challenging life
To be a good driver not only driving car is Important but also to know about Minor repair likes battery drain out, petrol pumping etc and fix a quick Puncture instantly
Earnings of a driver is well for well living, harder you work, more you get paid, comparison is difficult at all levels of the Job
Diff people contacts - Driver earns different peoples contact from customer he served. he gets more time to spend while travel. so good network can be built
food variations - Variety of food can be tasted by driver. Differnt parts like Mangalore style or the Coorgy style food. All variations will be available to driver
meter calculations - Best driver should know how to calculate distance, what fuel needed for the journey and cost calculation. to remain at safer side
customer interaction manners should be well learnt by the Driver to get more success in Life.
Driver should know how to read road signs like a nearing fuel station in highway or a Food stopover nearing the Car
fuel and distance calculation. Bill calculation. Any driver can learn this on the go with little time and go

This is warning for Early morning Drivers

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Early morning from 4 am to 6.30 am is considered to be most sleepy times for Drivers. This is the time of faith and chanting for lord as per granthas.
Some of the travellers prefer to leave their location by 3am or 4 am.  Advantage is that whoever leaves the town early, reaches his destination very early say 7am. For touring they get more time in their tourism.
To leave the town during normal hours say 8.30am it takes atleat 3 to 4 hours whearas Early morning rides will make you reach the desired destination very early. Eg leaving to coorg by Innova car at 4am. Your coorg arrival will be at 9am. Whereas if you leave town at 9am then you will reach coorg by 4.30pm. Fresh up there and minor sightseeing. Plan accordingly
After 11.00pm no doubt roads are empty. Here are some of the tips driver should follow for purpose of safety

  1. Do not overspeed the vehicles in dark empty roads
  2. Slow down Vehicles like Innova in turning – Use horn mandatory
  3. Usage of Indicators while diverting is most Important
  4. Rule is rule, Even to Fool – Do not violate traffic rules for after hours duties
  5. Importance of seat belt is know to all. Use it

“My vehicle my wish” do not use this slogan to yourself. Lets not trouble others or get into trouble ourselves. People have lost their life partially or completely during this hours only.
No doubt if cared these night rides are best. Please keep in mind most of the accidents happen during this time only.
Lets follow traffic rules and be an example to others.

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